While exploring Panama, be sure to check out Boquete, a pretty and quaint city up in the mountains. The big draw to Boquete is the spectacular hike up Volcán Barú for sunrise, but unfortunately we didn't have the proper gear or time to climb it. A shorter and less demanding hike is The Lost Waterfalls, a $6 USD taxi ride from the town. Located on an Indian Reserve, up in the rainforest, you will hike to 3 beautiful waterfalls. It’s not a treacherous hike by any means, but slippery and muddy – remember, you’re in a rainforest. We got a bit lost and never made it to the third waterfall, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. 5FT Tip: Do not forget your rain jacket!

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Following The Lost Waterfalls hike, we decided to go rock climbing at Boquete Rock Climbing with Cesar. For $45, you’ll get driven to this natural rock wall that looks super cool and you’ll engage in a three-hour rock climbing experience. The wall is perfect for beginners and low-level intermediate climbers, but for anyone of a higher level it’ll be too easy. While Philip had a great time, I didn’t particularly enjoy myself due to my previous shoulder injuries – I was able to climb up once, but it put too much strain on my shoulders and it wasn’t worth the risk. I decided to sit out for the rest of the excursion. The guides under no means understood the gravity of the issue and continued to urge me to climb, which made me even more frustrated.


For me, the highlight of Boquete was finding passionfruit! Definitely fantastic comfort food. 5FT Tip: Stock up on your groceries in Boquete! It has an extremely cheap grocery store.


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