Picture yourself removed from the stresses of everyday life, surrounded by nature, and lounging on a couch beside the person you love with a glass of wine in hand while looking into your own private aviary. Or perhaps floating in your own plunge pool listening to the birds sing. Or dancing around naked with no fear of a cleaning maid walking in on you.

Are you picturing it yet?

Because, yes, this scenario is a very likely one…at The Feathered Nest in the Mackay Region! The property exudes relaxation at its finest. I’ve been lucky to have stayed in some pretty spectacular places, but The Feathered Nest almost instantly jumped to the top of the list. From a layout that has given me inspiration for my own home, to the privacy, delicious food, and superb service, our stay couldn’t have been more enjoyable. It is an absolute hidden gem in the Mackay Region, especially for the luxury traveler or those who want to treat themselves!

Upon stepping in, you’ll instantly notice that it’s an open-floor layout which lends itself to the cozy vibes. The Feathered Nest perfectly combines the rustic “I feel like I’m in a log cabin” idea with modern top-of-the-line appliances and finer appointments throughout. There’s a fully-functional kitchen, well stocked with anything you could need to cook up your own meals, have a barbeque, or pour a glass of wine on the patio. Included in your rate is a wine of your choosing, welcome platter, and box of chocolates too! You’ll find a dining room table that could sit up to four people, a swivel couch with plush cushions, and a TV within the first area of the villa too.

Continuing further inside, you’ll pass a large glass fireplace – one of my favorite luxuries of our little home – which separates the bedroom from the living space. You’ll find an incredibly comfortable King-sized bed (it was seriously difficult to get up in the morning!), closet, speakers to play your favorite tunes, and a large TV with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a DVD player; there were movie options for everyone, ranging from dramas to romcoms.

Around the corner, you’ll find the massive master bathroom. With both an indoor shower and outdoor shower, toilet room (that’s set up to be completely odor free), and double sinks, you’d think that’d be enough…but, no, The Feathered Nest went above and beyond on all accounts and included your own personal two-person spa tub, with bubbles and candles to help set the mood.

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Now, I left out a pretty major detail about The Feathered Nest. Remember that swivel couch? Well, you could have it face the TV and your selection of wine, or spin around, and… spend as much time as you’d like looking into your own private aviary and aquarium!

There were Gang-Gang Cockatoos, Rainbow Lorikeets, and multiple other exotic birds, ducks, fish, and even a turtle that liked to swim up and look in. We found “Squirtle” thoroughly entertaining and she provided us with many laughs during our stay. I’m guessing it’s pretty rare to have your own aviary and aquarium for your viewing pleasure at any and all times. There was something incredibly special about the background noise of our stay being “our own” birds.

The owner, Gordon Lockie, is a registered breeder of Australia’s rare Black Cockatoo and has a number of species of birds that are endangered in Australia. We spent the afternoon in his large enclosure feeding the Black Cockatoos, watching them interact, and letting them fly onto us. It was amazing to see how well they knew Gordon, as we watched them fly onto his shoulder and snuggle his neck as soon as he walked in! No wonder why it’s called “The Feathered Nest!”

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If you feel like taking a break from bird watching or Netflix binging, you can always take a dip in your own private pool off the patio or get a relaxing massage in your villa. We opted for the latter and had a fantastic relaxing massage prior to our dinner.

Despite the fact that there’s a fully-equipped kitchen, I’d highly recommend the all-inclusive package where you can pre-order all of your meals and have them expertly cooked and delivered to your door at whichever time you please. It alleviated all stress associated with meals, and the food was of top quality.

From pumpkin soup with herb and garlic bread to chicken marinated in plum sauce with baked potatoes, honeyed carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower to a freshly cooked prawn platter with dipping sauce and the dessert of the day, we were absolutely stuffed! And those were only a small handful of the options and food we consumed. They even delivered warm pastries to our door at 4am when we got up early to see sunrise at Cape Hillsborough with the Kangaroos and Wallabies — now that’s what I call service!

The entire 5-Star luxury eco-retreat is designed to immerse you in nature, while letting you be on your own time and schedule. Gordon and his wife created The Feathered Nest by combining all of the features that they loved from high-end hotels they’ve personally experienced around the world and their love for wildlife, and did an absolutely spectacular job! Allow yourself to be nurtured by nature at The Feathered Nest. I absolutely cannot wait to return for yet another one-of-a-kind experience!

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I’d like to extend a big thank you to the Mackay Region and The Feathered Nest for hosting us during our stay! As always, all opinions are my own.

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