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The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights

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The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights


The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights

The Greek Islands are famed throughout the world for their outstanding beauty. Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini may be the most popular but, for me, they have been over shadowed by Milos. When in Milos, accommodation will not surpass “Salt Suites & Executive Rooms” in the area of Pollonia.


Salt Suites & Executive Rooms is a small compound of highly luxurious buildings. An all-white exterior with subtle “Salt” details, and the sea perfectly placed behind the buildings, makes for a beautiful backdrop to what will seem like paradise inside your room. In your room you find the same all-white theme. The room came equipped with a refrigerator, coffee machine, panini press, all-white kitchen supplies with “Salt” inscribed, an all-white desk with office supplies, white bed with white bathrooms embroidered with “Salt,” and white slippers of course. The bathroom was state of the art: a modern style with no sharp corners, but with curvatures as though the room had been carved out by water over thousands of years. The shower system had a built-in multi-jet wall unit that sent water at your body from a knee-high, belly-high, and above-the-head position. Take a look inside…


                          IMG_4257     IMG_4255IMG_4246

Our amazing room in Milos did not stop there.

We were lucky to be given a room with a balcony on the second floor that overlooked the surrounding area. Though not very high, you could see the sea no more than 50 meters away. The landscape in the distance was filled with high hills and more gorgeous Greek sea.


It was during the tour of the room that we were also told that if we needed anything, just to ask. The Salt Suites staff will run out and buy whatever you might want for the room to eat, and deliver it to the room at whatever time you want, free of extra charge (only the cost of what you asked to be delivered). For example, if you wanted fresh grilled fish brought to you in your room for dinner, someone would leave, purchase it, and deliver the dinner to your door. The only thing a resident at the Salt Suites needs to do is pay for the dinner. Nothing more.

Breakfast is prepared in the morning by a young adult named Paris. The food is selected on a menu left in your room that you can hang outside the door for pickup around 9pm (21:00).

IMG_6982 (1)

All items are homemade and delivered in a wooden crate to you bedroom door in the morning, at a time of your choosing. The option of eating in bed or on the balcony outside or in your air conditioned room is up to you.


We were able to order all the following items for breakfast without additional charge: fresh squeezed orange juice, Greek yogurt, a Greek sandwich, fresh fruit, multigrain bread, croissants (plain & chocolate) with homemade marmalade, feta cheese pies, and a pound cake. Everything tasted as fresh as promised, and it was certainly more food than most people could handle in the morning.


Salt Suites & Executive Rooms were more successful than maybe they should have been, because I never wanted to leave the room! While traveling, I had never understood why some people got up so late to start their day, or hung out in their room for an extended period of time, instead of getting up early to explore. After staying in the Salt Suites, I understood why. I felt it was a waste to leave such an elegant room that was so close to the water; the view was satisfying enough.

If you could pull yourself away from Salt Suites to go discover the island though, there are plenty of things to do.

There is a nearby central area to the town (five minutes walking) where you have access to shops, restaurants by the water and little markets. You can relax near the water next to the Salt Suites, or venture close to the little town where they have two beaches with crystal clear, green and blue, water. By car, there are at least six other beaches within a twenty minute drive (assuming you do not stop to take photos of every beach and cove you pass, like us).


The last day we were there, Salt Suites allowed us to keep our bags at the reception desk while we made the most of our beautiful day and sunny weather. Additionally, they have a shower available to use after a day at the sea for the guests already checked out, and insisted that we rinse off before catching our ferry with SeaJets to Athens. Salt Suites & Executive Rooms could not have been more generous, accommodating, or professional in creating one of the best micro-resorts in the Islands. Salt Suites & Executive Rooms truly comes with my highest recommendation if staying in Milos, Greece.



**Special thanks to Salt Suites & Executive Rooms for kindly offering me a complimentary stay. As always, all opinions are my own.

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