Never have I been so impressed with a hostel as I have been with Mosquito Hostel. Never. I don’t even know where to begin – from the incredibly friendly staff, to the impeccable state of cleanliness, to the outrageous amenities, and fabulous guests – this is the place to stay in Kraków. Seriously, don’t miss out. Oh, and did I mention that not only do they have free breakfast, but free dinner too? And free laundry. This is not a joke. The huge lockers and speedy wifi are an added bonus as well. 

Hannah of Eat Sleep Breathe Travel recommended Mosquito Hostel and I am SO happy that she sent me this way. While the hostel’s facilities are incredible, what makes it so special are the people they employ; they care so much about the well-being of each guest, and you can feel the mutual passion for travel pulsating through the room. As soon as Philip and I walked in the door, we felt instantly at home. We were welcomed with so many smiles and so much enthusiasm that it was impossible not to be psyched about arriving in Kraków, and that’s saying a lot since Philip’s luggage never showed up. I cannot emphasize enough how caring, friendly, and fabulous the staff at Mosquito Hostel was; we immediately felt as though we were best friends. Any issue, any concern, any question was answered without hesitation, with big smiles, and to the best of their abilities – even when we kept bugging them to call the airport!


Upon arriving, we were given a thorough introduction to the city via city map – we discovered everything from the best sites to see, places to eat, starting points of walking tours, museums, lookouts, etc etc. When we finally ventured into the city, we felt entirely prepared (as we headed to get pierogis, naturally).

IMG_9540 (1)

The atmosphere of the hostel was the perfect balance of social and relaxed – every night there is a pub crawl, yet there is little rowdiness (if any) upon their return. The included breakfast and dinner gave way to a friendly, open, and welcoming environment; each night we came out with new friends from all over the world. 


**While I received a complimentary stay at Mosquito Hostel, all opinions are my own. The place really is fabulous!

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