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Reaching New Heights

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The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights

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The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights


The Five Foot

Reaching New Heights

When I walked into my very first Hotel Indigo in 2016, I knew there was something special about it. I loved the vibrant colors, decor, and views, but didn’t know much about the brand itself. The experience stayed with me though. A few months ago, I was searching for accommodation in Singapore and Hotel Indigo Katong popped up during my search. I instantly remembered how much I had enjoyed my brief time at Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund so we made all of the necessary arrangements for Hotel Indigo Katong to become my home for a few days. I fell in love with the brand and decided to take the time to learn about the concept behind Hotel Indigo.

You see, even with 111 properties around the world, no two Hotel Indigos are alike. No matter where they are located in the world, each and every Hotel Indigo utilizes its neighborhood surroundings and cultures, and brings them into the hotel through both its design and cuisine. Their motto of, “at the heart of vibrant neighborhoods” couldn’t be more accurate!

Enter Hotel Indigo Seminyak…

When I was planning my final days in Indonesia and discovered that there was a Hotel Indigo Seminyak in Bali, I just knew that that’s where I had to stay. Not only did it make for the perfect extension from our Trip of Wonders experience, but thanks to my other great experiences with the brand, I was certain that I would be comfortable and have the plenty of space to squeeze in some much-needed rest and relaxation (which was just what I needed since I was planning to climb Mt. Bromo in the following days).

As funny as it sounds, walking into Hotel Indigo just feels right at this point. I loved knowing that there was nothing I needed to worry about — knowing that the rooms would be spacious, the food would be of the highest quality, and that the location would be prime. Those are characteristics that Hotel Indigo has yet to fall short on in my experience. Book your stay at Hotel Indigo Seminyak here.

With an easy check-in at Hotel Indigo Seminyak’s reception and delicious welcome drinks that changed color from blue to purple, we were taken up to our Oasis Rooms. Hotel Indigo Seminyak offers a range of rooms from one or two bedroom pool villas to suites, themed rooms, and classic rooms, so there’s bound to be something to suit your needs.

The Rooms at Hotel Indigo Seminyak.

The Oasis Room does a great job of immediately reminding you that you’re somewhere tropical and exotic – it was bright, well-lit, and large. Due to the layout of the room, it actually feels as if you’re in your own mini apartment. There was a small foyer, a large minibar with an espresso machine, manual juicer (with oranges!), and all kinds of tea. Moving into the room, you’ll find a separate boudoir and walk-in closet for makeup and wardrobe; this provided ample space to tuck away your belongings so that they don’t take up the space of the room. The bedroom itself is spacious with a king-sized bed that I can promise is one of the most comfortable hotel beds you will ever find, as well as a cozy couch, desk, and TV.

Through another set of doors, you’ll find a bathroom with plenty of counter space, as well as a glass shower that offers direct views and access to the balcony. The balcony itself spans the length of the room and has a nice daybed, table and, of course, views! Book your room at Hotel Indigo Seminyak here.

My biggest problem with Hotel Indigo Seminyak is that I always want to stay in and enjoy my room, but I also know that the property itself is equally enjoyable and that I want to experience that too. Tough problem to have, I know 🙂

The Beach.

By the time I settled into my room, it was just about sunset and I remembered that Hotel Indigo Seminyak is located on the beach, and we made it down just in time. Despite having had been in Indonesia for two weeks already at the time, it was my first proper sunset in Indonesia, and it blew me away! In a place as beautiful as Bali, it certainly helps if your hotel is located on the beach!

The Restaurants at Hotel Indigo Seminyak.

With six different bars, cafés, and restaurants on site, we had trouble deciding where we wanted to eat post-sunset. The first place we saw when walking back from the beach was SugarSand, Hotel Indigo Seminyak’s beachfront restaurant. Loving the breeze of the beach and the sound of the waves crashing, we decided to have our dinner by the beach and in their infinity pool. Yes, they have seating inside the pool. We enjoyed both the food and the views enough to go back the following day as well. The quality of the food and variety of the menu was fantastic, and the setting simply couldn’t get any better. On your way back to the room, be sure to swing by the Tree Bar quickly for a drink special infused with local herbs, as you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Rest and Relaxation.

The following morning we awoke bright and early, ready for a day of hardcore relaxation at Hotel Indigo Seminyak. We started our day with a breakfast buffet at Makase. This was not your usual breakfast buffet though. Of course there were your Eastern and Western savory dishes, but what makes Hotel Indigo stand out is that within their buffet, there were plenty of a la carte options as well. Eggs Florentine? You bet! Fresh-squeezed carrot ginger juice? Coming right up! French toast to die for? Just one moment! Everything was cooked fresh and made to order. I’m not one to take a while at breakfast, but I certainly could’ve spent hours in Makase alone, trying all of their different options. And, again, the restaurant itself reflects the culture of its surroundings and promises to add a bit of local flavor wherever you turn..or in whatever you taste!

With bellies full, we decided to take some time for ourselves and relax. We thought about heading to the gym, or having a beautiful Balinese massage on-site or wiggling our toes in the sand, but ultimately decided to hang out by Hotel Indigo Seminyak’s infinity pools. It was the perfect day to soak up the sun, and we did exactly that. Book your stay at Hotel Indigo Seminyak here.

Hotel Indigo Seminyak was everything I wanted and more. My only regret is that I wish I factored in time to stay longer! I will most certainly be back next time I visit Bali.

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