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Digital Brand Consultation

    • Building a successful brand identity is imperative in today’s tech-driven world. Who are you, and why should your audience care? Together, we will work on your messaging and brand fluidity across all platforms (desktop, mobile, social presence, etc.), while ensuring that you stay true to brand and attract your ideal customers. From crafting a brand message that speaks to an online audience, to establishing a clear message that is consistent across the board, we will improve your company branding so that it better resonates with potential customers. 

Social Media Management

    • If your potential customers are on social (and they are), you should be too… but only if you know how to actively engage your audience! Social media allows your audience to get to know, like, and trust you, and ultimately buy from you; the effort put into your social media accounts will help you acquire higher quality leads and buyers who are there to stay. But not everyone can manage a social media account successfully, as the person running the business account needs to think like an Influencer; that person needs to be someone who is tracking the latest trends, deeply invested in social media, and influences people to buy. We will start with an in depth social media audit by looking at your current social media presence and discovering your competitors; from there, we will design your content calendar and strategize on execution. 

Email Marketing

    • Your email list is everything. Are you actively engaging your list, selling “story-first,” and ensuring that your audience knows who you are, what you do, and why you’re unique? Do you have autoresponders in place to automatically activate those interested in your company, brand, or service? Together, we will work together on your email marketing campaigns to ensure that your message is clear and relatable to everyone interested in your business. Not only will your distribution list grow, but so will your revenue!

Content Marketing

    • How can you provide value to your audience? By carefully crafting and creating photos, videos, infographics, ebooks, webinars, and resources to draw your audience in. At the end of the day, you need great content! By putting value first, your audience is more likely to engage with your content and buy from you. 

Influencer Marketing

    • Good Influencer marketing is one of the most organic ways to market your product or service. Influencer marketing is when you partner with someone that has a large following on social media to promote your brand; they spread the word about your product, service, or destination, and, in turn, you pay them a set rate. Leveraging the network of Influencers is not only less work for your marketing team, but an incredible way to break into an audience who already knows, likes, and trusts your company because of your relationship with said Influencer! Of course, it should go without saying that the Influencers you work with must align with your core goals and values in order for Influencer marketing to be successful. 

FB Ad Buying & Management

    • Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Investing in paid advertising allows you to reach an entirely new audience that targets your ideal demographic and location. We primarily focus on Facebook, as it’s the most powerful social media platform in the online advertising world. We will work with you to design the image, write the copy, and create a high-converting ad to ensure that your product or service stands out amongst your competition. Minimum ad thresholds apply. 




How To Look Good On Zoom

    • Wondering how to look good on Zoom? With remote work becoming more and more prevalent, it’s imperative that you still look like a professional for your virtual calls, meetings, and presentations. That means, how you sit, where you're seated, what you wear, camera positioning, and proper lighting. We will constructively critique your remote work setting and the way you present yourself, while offering you actionable steps to take to look like a true professional on video calls.

Professional Photo & Video

    • Whether you’re an individual or corporate company, the way you showcase your product, brand, or personality online is key. This comes back to the use of high quality, professional content. Today, everyone with an iPhone calls themselves a photographer, but capturing a scene for marketing purposes takes a higher level of  skill and equipment. My team and I are available for hire for professional photography and videography. Our team has been shooting professional photography and videography worldwide for the last seven years. We’re ready to assist you with all of your creative needs, from scouting location to post processing. Should you have images that simply need to be edited, we’re happy to take the original images and edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop too!

Commercial Shoots

    • We have ample experience shooting full-scale commercials for companies around the world. With multiple professional video cameras and drone footage, we are certain that we can showcase your product, service, or destination in a new, exciting light! Stand out amongst the crowd. 

Public Speaking

    • Having spoken at events hosted by the United Nations, US Embassies globally, the Business Summit of New York, and multiple digital marketing events, Sarah speaks on all things social media, digital marketing, branding, travel, and tourism, as well as the importance of overcoming fear to thrive in the workplace. She is available to speak at large scale events as well as smaller company-wide functions. 

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Happy Clients!

“Sarah Gallo, ‘The Five Foot Traveler,' is an absolute delight to work with! From early inquiries, to itinerary development, to delivering content, Sarah was responsive, timely and gracious. Her writing is thorough and enthusiastic, just as she is, and her photography is terrific. I highly recommend her for in-market influencer campaigns, content development, public speaking, social media marketing, and product promotion.”

Julie Ellis, Public Relations and Communications Manager at Visit Myrtle Beach

“‘Ridiculously sharp' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Sarah. I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several months, during which she has assisted us with garnering brand awareness for our product, Triptime® Insurance. Sarah has proven to be a very valuable asset to us in the world of Influencing. Sarah expertly fits the role of social media influencer and is able to portray connections to companies like ours in a very organic and natural tone. I'm particularly impressed by Sarah's ability to remain upbeat and adventurous while following through on her many commitments in a timely manner. Sarah also has a knack for testing the usability of websites and is able to provide very helpful feedback. No matter how busy Sarah is, she always finds time to giggle and brighten someone's day. Any company needing help with brand-recognition and/or UX feedback would be lucky to work with Sarah Gallo.”

Brandi Peyton, Head of Marketing at Triptime Insurance

“Sarah is an absolute gem in the travel industry, when it comes to social media influencers and bloggers. She is authentic, charming and relatable — and her vibrant personality shines through in all her work. I had the pleasure of doing business with Sarah, as part of a post-cruise stay in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. From the initial planning and itinerary development stages, to after her trip, she was responsive, professional, organized and flexible — which made everything run smoothly on both ends. I would highly recommend Sarah for content campaigns and look forward to working with her again someday.”

Gina Kramer, Public Relations Manager at Discover the Palm Beaches

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a number of campaigns within the cruise and travel industry, and Sarah is by far one of the most talented and professional content creatives out there. She goes above and beyond for her clients, delivering exceptional work derived through authenticity.”

Christina Hunting, VP Digital Marketing at the PPI Group

“Sarah is one of those rare people who are gifted, passionate and knowledgable. I saw her speak at the Narrative PR Conference on Nation Branding in Cairo. Her talk was amazing: it was informative; insightful; and her passion for travel was infectious. From the mment she walked in stage until the standing ovation at the end she captivated the audience. Bravo!”

Gordon Tredgold, Leadership Principles LLC

“I had the privilege to work along side Sarah while creating content for a client and she was an absolutely pleasure to work with. Sarah understood marketing on another level that most others do not, and it showed throughout the entire project… from planning and development of different ideas, to being able to execute quickly on the job, and also implement that content in the best way possible to build brand awareness and drive traffic for the client. Needless to say the job was a great success! Cant wait until we get to work together again!”

Ceebz Gerard, Founder of DNC Media

“Sarah is a passionate and professional social partner. We were thrilled to work with her socially as she switched to the Olympus mirrorless system. She created beautiful content with her E-M5 Mark II and a well-written, informative review of her camera and lenses, which were both fantastic assets to helping share her Olympus story to her followers.”

Amanda Strozeski, Manager of Social Media and Influencer Marketing at Olympus

“Sarah has been a dream to work with. Despite some adverse weather conditions, Sarah got on with the job and produced very informative and truly stunning content to showcase our region. As a small RTO, working with Sarah granted us for the first time, access to an extensive, targeted and engaging international audience. We would definitely recommend partnering with Sarah to grow your product or experience.”

Dan Brown, Communications Officer at the Mackay Region Tourism Board

“Working with Sarah on the Trip of Wonders 2018 Project has been a great pleasure. She did a terrific job! Sarah is organized, cooperative, willing to go extra mile and easy to adjust to any trip circumstances. Further she is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner, well before our deliverables were due. I appreciate her impressive work and creative approach to promote our destinations to her audience. The happy-go-round personality she has brought joy everywhere she went and she continuously cheered along the whole group during the trip with her positivity. Sarah is a great influencer and I look forward to collaborating more with her in the future.”

Eka Situmorang-Sir, Travel Consultant representing the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism

“Sarah was enthusiastic, motivated, and took pride in her work. She helped develop our content and executed her assignments on time, every time. I admired her professionalism, knowledge and outgoing personality. Sarah was a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team she works with in the future.”

Ria Reuda, Owner at Bread and Butter Marketing & Public Relations

“Sarah toured our County and her story was just as beautiful as our County is. I would recommend her to any DMO out there as she really digs in and finds the best of what you are. On top of her writing skills her photography was wonderful.”

Jack Cohen, President at Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau

“My first impressions of Sarah were mind-blowing. At such a young age, her passion for travel led her to over 100+ countries – Simply Amazing no matter how you look at it! To travel is to live! To live such a life, especially by her age, is an asset that will benefit anyone who engages with Sarah Gallo. I would highly recommend her to any hotel and resort for assignments.”

Robert Pang, CEO of Le Sovereign Hotel Group

“Sarah is a wonderful traveler with immense experience and a beautiful content. A great speaker and analyst as well.”

Lamia Kamel, CEO at CC Plus

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