“Do you travel with a backpack, spinner carry-on or checked luggage?”

“What do you wear on an airplane?”

“How do you pack enough clothes to travel full-time?”


“Is it possible to have stylish travel clothes … yet still be comfortable?”

These are questions I get asked ALL the time. For the first few years, I would have told you that I traveled with a trekkers pack, wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt on an airplane, and definitely sacrificed fashion for the sake of comfort and ease. And for a long time, that was okay; after all, I was a young backpacker that just wanted to explore the world and never thought that people would actually look at my photos, much less my attire. My travel clothes simply didn’t matter.

(I can’t believe I’m showing this picture to the world right now…)

Fast-forward five years and I travel full-time, work with luxury hotels around the world, own a thriving online business, and have over 100,000 followers on Instagram…clearly people are paying attention to my photos and content! All of a sudden, I realized that I needed to look the part. I needed to look like a luxury business traveler rather than a cheap backpacker, and that came down to the way I dressed. I swapped out my trekkers pack with a spinner carry on, and my yoga pants for Anatomie.
women's travel pants

(Quite the change of look I’d say!)

Why Anatomie?

I used to believe that there was no way I’d ever be able to travel carry on only for long-term travel, but the reality is that it all comes down to the travel clothing brands you choose to pack…not the amount of clothes that you actually pack (relatively speaking). After years of searching for lightweight travel clothing, my mom actually stumbled upon Anatomie and called me up saying that I simply had to check them out! I quickly realized that they had the absolute best travel pants for women I’d ever seen, as well as tops, and jackets too.

What Do I Love?

I honed in immediately on their lightweight travel pants though, as that’s what typically takes up the most space in a suitcase. Jeans are a disaster to roll, yoga pants are sloppy and heavy, and spandex doesn’t have a long shelf life, so I was in desperate need of easy care travel clothes that wouldn’t take up much space. What I quickly realized was that Anatomie’s travel pants roll up or fold up smaller than the average shirt — in fact, I’ve even managed to fit 4 Anatomie travel pants and 3 Anatomie travel tops into one medium-sized packing cube! I will admit, I’m a self-proclaimed expert packer, but if I can do it, so can you!

(Yes, they really do pack that small)

When you’re packing for a long trip, one of the keys is mixing and matching so that you don’t need to bring too many tops or too many bottoms. But, this also means that you have to be okay doing laundry and need to pack quick dry clothing for travel. If you’re not someone that typically sends out your laundry, one of the many things that makes Anatomie design the best travel pants is that they can be blow-dried in 9 minutes, or air dry completely within an hour to an hour and a half. Have you ever tried to air dry or blow dry jeans? I have… many times. Blowdrying just never seems to end well, and air drying seems to take about two days. Needless to say, I will never be traveling with a pair of jeans or low-end spandex again after finding these travel pants!
women's travel pants

(Wandering Vietnam in my favorite Andrea Pants)

Exciting News!

Since I’d been on the hunt for the best women’s travel clothes and felt as though I’d found them in Anatomie, it only felt natural to officially partner with Anatomie earlier this month! Whenever I start working with a brand, I like to meet the owners face to face rather than continue passing emails back and forth. As soon as our partnership was for real (I couldn’t believe it!), I immediately booked a ticket down to Miami to meet the owners Shawn and Kate, as Anatomie had been my dream travel clothing brand partnership. As I’m sure you could tell by now, they’re top of the line when it comes to comfortable, stylish travel attire – two things I never knew actually went hand in hand!
women's travel pants

(A look into the Anatomie warehouse)

I have to say, it always makes me smile when I meet owners years into their business that are just as excited about what they’ve created today as they were when they began. That passion is palpable, and exactly what you find, the second you start speaking with Shawn and Kate.
women's travel pants

(Shawn and Kate are simply lovely!)

I went down to their offices, had a look at all of their samples and designs, got some clothes tailored (welcome to the world of being 5ft tall!), and tried on as much as I possibly could. “Hooked on Anatomie” would be an understatement! And I want you to be too! Use the code 5FOOTTRAVELER to receive 15% off your next purchase of Anatomie!
women's travel pants

(Happy to be rocking Anatomie for the first time in Miami)

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