I’m sure I am not the only one that’s had trouble packing for a trip and ended up packing too much. Pack seven different pairs of pants for a week-long trip and before you know it, your bag will be far heavier than you had wanted. It has certainly happened to me! It doesn’t help that, as women, we typically have to factor in bottoms for different needs; we tend to pack completely separate clothes for when we want to look nice as opposed to when we are lounging or active. Anatomie has solved these problems for me and introduced me to the best travel pants for women.

Not only can their travel pants for women be dressed up or dressed down, but you can also be incredibly active in them as well. Before Anatomie I lugged a bulky suitcase or backpack around, but now with their travel pants, I am able to travel carry-on only because they take up such little space and cover a variety of fashion needs. In fact, Anatomie’s travel pants for women fold down to be about the size of my hand and weigh very little.

You can see for yourself Anatomie’s best travel pants for women in the photos below:

Andrea Contrast-Panel Legging: My favorite airplane and exploration pants

Before Anatomie I always hated how sloppy I looked on flights. I wanted to be comfortable and believed that the only way to do so was in yoga pants with a sweatshirt. Once I started wearing the Andrea Contrast-Panel Legging on airplanes, I haven’t looked back. They have a Lycra waistband so you don’t need to deal with a button digging into you for hours on end, but this doesn’t take away from looking put together yet still remaining comfortable. You’ll also have a much better chance of getting bumped to first or business class!

best travel pants for women, women's travel pants

Once off the airplane, the Andrea Contrast-Panel Leggings remain some of my favorite pants in which to explore new places.

best travel pants for women, women's travel pants

Shop the Andrea Contrast-Panel Leggings here. Use Code 5FootTraveler for 15% off your purchase!


Bleeker Lycra Legging: My favorite adventure travel pants

Anyone who has been following my adventures knows that I absolutely love being active and especially enjoying adrenaline activities. The Bleeker Lycra Leggings have been perfect for my outdoorsy needs. For this upcoming season, the Bleeker Lycra Legging has been swapped out for the Italia Faux Leather Legging, which I’m certain will be equally satisfying.

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Shop the Italia Faux Leather Legging here. Use code 5FootTraveler for 15% off your entire purchase!


Skyler Travel Pant: My favorite sightseeing travel pants

The Skyler Travel Pants are Anatomie’s best-seller, and for good reason! The Skylar Pants are as versatile as it gets – I’ve worn them to nice dinners, bars, sightseeing around new cities, and even on muddy multi-day hikes. These should be essential in any travel wardrobe (or heck, in any closet in general).

best travel pants for women, women's travel pants

Shop the Skyler Travel Pant here. Use code 5FootTraveler for 15% off your entire purchase!


Luisa Skinny Jean Pant: My alternate sightseeing travel pants

The Luisa Skinny Jean Pant are similar to the Skyler Travel Pant and are completely interchangeable. If you’re curvier, it’s recommended that you go with the Luisa Skinny Jean Pant over the Skyler Travel Pant.

best travel pants for women, women's travel pants

Shop the Luisa Skinny Jean Pant here. Use code 5FootTraveler for 15% off your entire purchase!

So before you head off on your next tour, cruise, or expedition, don’t forget to pack the best travel pants for women. Trust me when I say that it’s well worth the investment in these travel clothes — I only wish I’d done so sooner! Since I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did by putting off your purchase, you can use the code “5FootTraveler” (without the quotation marks) at check out to get 15% off your purchase!

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best travel pants for women, women's travel clothes, women's travel pants

**I'm excited to announce that I have officially partnered with Anatomie. As always, all opinions are my own.**

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