The day had come: Bloukrans Bridge. The World’s Highest Bungee Bridge Jump! Run by Face Adrenalin, the Bloukrans Bungee will give you such a load of exactly that: Adrenaline. After harnessing up, I followed our guide onto the pass below the bridge and, let me tell you, that is the scariest part of the entire ordeal. The metal grate under your feet is completely see-through, urging you to look down. All the way down. Typically, the way to conquer any “heights” activity is not to look down, but Face Adrenalin makes that virtually impossible, challenging you to conquer your fears and tackle the bungee head on. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so worried. Not in the slightest. A minute or two later, we made it to the middle of the bridge where there were at least 10-15 men there to help us out, tighten our safety harnesses, and pump us up with very loud music. I was, literally, bouncing with excitement. The men sat me down, wrapped pads around my shins to protect my ankles, and attached my second (backup) harness to my chest. Another employee came over to triple check my harness, and I was ready!

Two staff members appeared at my sides. I was to throw my arms around both their shoulders and hop over to the very edge of the bridge (remember, you’re ankles are tied together). You hop. And you hop and you hop, until at last you are standing on the edge. Slowly, you inch your toes until they are actually over the edge. I couldn’t wait.

At the count of three, I jumped with the biggest grin my face. This was it: I was free-falling off the world’s highest bungee bridge. Instinctively, I tightened my whole body, so I felt zero “jerk” once the bungee went taught (I knew I practiced flying trapeze for a reason!). I hung there upside-down for a bit, soaking it all in. I completed the jump that I’d wanted to do for many years. I just couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to jump off a 216m (700+ ft) bridge. After a few moments, a staff member lowered himself down, attached me to another harness, and repositioned me upright. I was slowly pulled up, lifted onto the bridge, and ready to do it all over again!

Face Adrenalin’s bungee is an absolute MUST for any adventure-junkie. It is worth noting that Face Adrenalin has been running the bungee for 23 years without any incidents; you will feel as safe as you possibly could while throwing yourself off a bridge. I have never felt more secure doing an adrenaline-inducing activity than I did with Face Adrenalin – and, trust me, I have many adventure sports to compare it to. You would be hard-pressed to find anything so exhilarating. Go face your fears.

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